Launching the Saudi Visa Bio Application in Tunisia

Published Date

As part of the project's launch strategy, the Saudi Visa Bio application was launched in Tunisia in collaboration with the National Information Center and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Members of the SVTS team took part in the delegation that sent to the Republic of Tunisia to introduce the Saudi Bio App. The Meeting was held by the delegation with important members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Saudi Consul in Tunisia, and the government organizations in charge of the Umrah and Hajj in the Republic of Tunisia. The meeting was attended by:


  • The Ministry of Religious Affairs
  • Ministry of Interior - Department of Foreigners and Borders
  • National Services and Residences Company
  • Tunisian University of Travel and Tourism Agencies in the Republic of Tunisia


The application was also thoroughly explained to the mentioned representatives and entities during a workshop that was held on the sideline of the meeting. A series of in-depth workshops were held for agency representatives (travel offices) to further describe the application's features. The workshops have seen a real experience of the application, in which attendees' questions about its mechanism and anticipated benefits were answered. The application expected to offer the best support possible to Saudi Arabia's visitors during their performance of the Hajj and Umrah.